Who is Celisa?

You’ve found the blog (and hopefully webpage) for The Big Beautiful soul-songstress, performer, entertainer, writer, and activist Celisa Stratton. Hailing from Vermont, Celisa started singing as a baby, and has been performing in one form or fashion ever since. She is a self-professed Diva, and isn’t afraid to show her larger-than-life personality both on and off-stage.

Unabashed and in-your-face at times, Celisa is vocal about the fact that she is different from your average entertainer, and isn’t ashamed to be a fat, queer, disabled woman, living in a world that wants people like her to remain silent or invisible. This is why she believes it is so important for her to speak-up about her struggles, and share her stories with others. To that end, she promises to use her gifts to help raise awareness and create safe, supportive spaces where people are free to be themselves, regardless of gender (or gender expression), sexuality, class, race, size, ability, affiliation, religion, or political opinion. In the end, it is all about enjoying the performance, and everyone is welcome at a show put on by Celisa, so long as everyone respects one another.

Currently the lead vocalist for the Greenwich, NY based “Roadhouse Rhythm and Blues Band”, Celisa also enjoys performing in genres that range from blues, to jazz, to country, to rock, as well as standards, gospel, hymns, and has even studied classical music. As a mezzo soprano with a wide vocal-range and technical ability, she can also belt out powerfully on songs like “Piece of My Heart” or sing tenderhearted ballads such as “I Fall to Pieces”. She’s performed at weddings, funerals, memorials, parties, benefits, graduation ceremonies, coffee-houses, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, and more.

Celisa has spent time in the studio, recording several original tunes with the help of mentor and co-writer Colin McCaffrey. As a session singer, she provided soprano vocals for a gospel CD of original songs written by John Mark Harrison, director of the Montpelier Community Gospel Choir http://vtgospel.com/music.html. Her music has also been on compilation CD’s including “Area Code 802”, which featured Vermont musicians, as well as the title track for Whole Lotta Love: An All-Star Salute to Fat Chicks, http://www.splitscreenentertainment.com/?WHOLE_LOTTA_LOVE.

Her favorite thing in this world is making music – if she’s around, you’ll hear her humming or singing; If you see her driving her truck, she’ll more than likely be rocking out, oblivious to what others think when they see this!

Celisa is available for gigs of all kinds, and is booking now.

Repertoire/song list to come soon!!

For more information, read Celisa’s blog, follow her on facebook, twitter, or email her – celisa@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned for updates!




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