Review: Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

I’ve been a member of Crowdtap for the past few weeks, and the site is a LEGIT WAY to earn freebies and goodies in return for your honest opinion. They send you samples, coupons for free stuff, and full-sized products to review. This is the way they get their members, also known as Crowdtappers, to create buzz via word-of-mouth/WOM marketing.

I received a sample of Secret Clinical Strength in the mail, and I’ve been using it each day for the past week. Secret boasts that this deodorant offers “4x the Stress Sweat protection” though I’m not entirely sure whether that statement is based on scientific evidence, or if it is merely a claim. The scent tends to be activated by sweating. Instead of smelling icky during those extra stressful times, I noticed that I smell nice, so it seems to work well on heavy perspiration. I have incredibly sensitive skin, especially under my arms, and I usually buy specific types of hypoallergenic deodorant or I’ll break out in a rash. My skin hasn’t been irritated at all. The formula is creamy and disappears rather quickly. It also lasts long enough to not necessitate re-application.

I posted a review on my twitter, which can be found here, and also answered a question about my A-Ha moment here.

Here’s a picture of me “not sweating the big stuff” in my life, because I’ve got a secret weapon! This was submitted to crowdtap and posted on twitter and facebook. (Notice my eyebrows are en fleek?!).


I really like Secret Clinical Strength and I give it 5/5 stars! If I buy it in the future, I’m gonna do so when it’s on sale and I can use coupons too! If you’re looking for extra powerful pit protection, go out and grab this!



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