Writing, ADHD, and Me

I am seriously wondering how people with ADHD manage to be successful as writers, because I am having the most difficult time right now figuring out where to put my energy. As is typical, I’ve got draft after draft. I’ve started so many different things, but when it comes to the organization, editing, putting it together and sharing it with the world, I get completely overwhelmed or bored and end up moving on to the next thing.

I’ve put my eggs in too many baskets. I’ve gotten bogged down by the details. I’m done playing this game with myself, because I feel trapped in a perpetual cycle of self-sabotage, unable to take even the smallest step toward reaching my bigger goals.

So I’ve decided to start with one small goal, every day. Over a month ago, I decided to set a goal to write something every day. And I’ve kept up with that challenge! Now, it is time to move forward and create another small goal to keep me heading in the right direction. I’m not even sure what that goal should be. I need to find a way to hold myself accountable so that I can prove my abilities as a writer and eventually pitch and submit my work to be printed and published. I know I can do this. It’s just the steps in between where I’m at and where I’m going that I need to figure out.

Since I’m practicing the art of setting small, attainable goals, I think I’ll challenge myself to focus on one project at a time. My current project is writing a piece about living in “America’s heroin capital” and being in recovery. I already know my voice is needed because I have a lot of insight to offer on the opiate crisis that is prevalent in our culture. So that’s it then, ADHD, eff you, I’m going to write every day, and the opioid addiction in my hometown and beyond is what I will be writing about. Because once I’ve got that near-finished, I plan on pitching it, which will get the ball rolling and put me on track to start setting bigger goals…I figure if I end up writing for different blogs, publications, etc, on a regular basis, I will have deadlines and requirements to meet, which will hold me accountable and keep me motivated to work on the projects I so desperately want to finish and share with others.

What happens from here depends on me, and I’m so tired of letting myself down. If I want to be successful, I still can be. I’m smart, I’m powerful, and I’ve got lots of great qualities. I hope to make an impact on the world, starting by making an impact on myself.

WRITE ON! #writeon



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