Celebrity Former Fatties & Separating Themselves From The Pack (aka Not Cool, Adam…)

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Phil Varlese

You’ve all seen it done before.  Whether it was Kirstie Alley or Jennifer Hudson or others, there’s a lot of pressure in Hollywood to lose weight.  Understandable, based on the Hollywood standard of what they think is attractive.

Now, while there are some who buck the trend like Jennifer Lawrence (see video below), others succumb to that pressure.

What I always found interesting however, is how so many of them suddenly turn into fat phobic fanatics, and how they forget where they came from.  This past week, Adam Richman became one of those celebrities.  Most of you are familiar with Richman and his former TV show Man Vs. Food, still in reruns on the Travel Channel.  Here’s a pic of Adam from his MVF days on the left, and the “new” guy on the right.

Richman 1We should have known that after the weight loss Richman might be one of those…

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