Just Some Thoughts…On Writing

I’ve decided that in order to be a better writer, I’m going to dedicate 15 minutes of my life every day to nothing but writing. I have heard that if you want to make something a habit, you have to make time for it,  and just DO IT, even if it feels like it is the last thing you want to do. I want to make writing a habit because I feel as though I have interesting stories to tell, and a unique perspective from which to tell said stories. 

I don’t just write for fun; I also write for therapeutic purposes. In addition, I am a songwriter, and an entertainer, so I like telling stories. I love to read as well, and my brain is always hungry to learn new things. The performer in me wants to share stories in a dramatic way, hence the need to be on stage and get some instant feedback via the crowd. 

So this is the beginning of my fifteen minutes a day – in blog form. My goal is to just start getting things out there. Whether or not people read my stories/blog posts at this point isn’t a concern, because I know that just putting this out there is going to be good for me. I have been writing in my journals, in google docs, on my blackberry, and through digital recorders/voice notes (for songwriting in particular). 

I have so many things I plan on sharing about – my family history, my personal memoirs, people I know, music, addiction, weight, size, queerness/glbtq issues, Vermont, mental illness, etc etc…I also want to delve deeper into topics that interest me. For now, I’ll end my first 15 minutes by saying that I’m so grateful to be alive, even though I’m sick with a nasty cold…and that I hope my writing and creative endeavors will inspire others the way I’ve been inspired! 


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